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Account Details

Company in England for the European market with an account


What it looks like and what's in the kit:
• Registered in the UK company on a nominee director from the EU.
• Active and verified Amazon business account (subscription is prepaid for 1 month).
• Affiliate payment system registered to the company + company's bank account + company's MasterCard.
• British sim card (send by mail).
• Configured and active VPS (prepaid for 1 month).
• Access to Company House (where you can rewrite the company at any time to another person at your discretion).
• Email.
The price includes the service of a nominee director for one year. This means that you can use your account for one year in the form in which it is at the time of transfer.
Upon your wish, you can rewrite the company and account for yourself at any time.
Accounting services are also available upon request.
Instructions and support are included to the price.