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Trade accounts amazon.com/eu/au/jp/ae


Regular Standard Fresh Registration Accounts at Amazon.com
☑️Mix of the country, with a guarantee for the utility bills request.
☑️You can safely trade on them using the guarantee.
This is the most popular option among any category of users
Self-registration allows to keep the guarantee and quality for you!
The kit includes:
• VPS with the possibility of renewing by us or with your personal access to renewal (depends on the kit)
• copy of ID
• security verification code to log in from new devices
• e-mail address
• pioneer is NOT included (account change needed)
• a payoneer statement with a change number
• bank card / without the possibility of replenishment (we do not provide a card number)
• in case of a request for utilities, we can provide documents for passing utility bill
• professional plan is prepaid
• If you need a Payoneer with a linked account + $100 to the standard price


Price 250-350$